The Thing

Posts | Posted by sinacism May 15th, 2013

thing7 thing6 thing9 thing10 thing14 thing17 thing3


wanted to try making a rock surface and figured the thing is perfect for it. I also wanted to try out painting this guy, I tried a couple of different approaches to see what worked best for me.

Zbrush painting trial (Tusker)

Posts | Posted by sinacism May 15th, 2013

tusker2 tusker3 tusker4 tusker6 tusker7 tusker10 tusker12 tusker14


Was playing around with zbrush and wanted to paint, man this is fun.

Zbrush Central Halloween challenge

Posts | Posted by sinacism November 5th, 2012



I started to run out of time as you can tell from the human suit and the position of the hands. I still have alot of work with sculpting and painting hands as well as alot of work with positioning within zbrush. I am currently working on a female character as well as just some fast fun sculpts to see what I can do using zbrush as a conceptual tool. I love painting in this program which I might go back and work on some old projects since I have learned so much. I have been using zbrush for a year now and still I have so much more to do. If your looking for inspiration go to zbrushcentral or pixologic websites there are so many talented people out there and a whole bunch of tutorials.

Headress WIP

Posts | Posted by sinacism September 4th, 2012

been touching this one up


Still working on this, I was able to make the eyes and paint them. There is a great tutorial on youtube which shows painting it is alot easier than painting the images on it. Having alot of fun working with polypaint.


Posts | Posted by sinacism August 24th, 2012

Trying to make a female body but stylized like my Tasty Toons girls that I used to draw.


Evil P WIP

Posts | Posted by sinacism August 5th, 2012

I wanted to do a bust and work on leather cloth a bit.


Goat guy

Posts | Posted by sinacism July 18th, 2012

I guess a nickname for the Navy carrier crew of a friend of mine was goats or something. He asked me to do something up and I thought it would be a fun challenge and kind of keep me studying on zbrush

I am trying to focus on details of sculpted texture before I get to the fun of polypainting. I think if I had to do one of the two I would choose to paint on the mesh. Its so much fun.

Show Reel Suter and Medusa

Posts | Posted by sinacism July 11th, 2012


Here it is so far I am working on another character and finishing up my livingroom scene. If the video isnt loading click the link and it will take you to my vimeo page.

Livingroom work in progress

Posts | Posted by sinacism June 21st, 2012

I have been working on this for a bit and I plan on adding more to it.


Update to Rhino character

Posts | Posted by sinacism May 23rd, 2012

I think he looks so much better and getting better with the programs. Lots more to do before I can say I am finished.

zbrush poly paint

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